Real Estate & Dealership Module

This real estate centric platform features specific programs built for the Real Estate and Automotive Dealership industries. They have specific integrations, customized mobile sites and apps, and offer a unique proposition that can be easily turned into revenue for any reseller or white label partner.

The Platforms

    1. Real Estate Listings

The methodology is simple.Real Estate Mobile Web Site Piedmont Triad Winston-Salem Greensboro Kernersville High Point NC

      1. A real estate agent places signage in front of homes that state “Text KEYWORD to 72727 for video, pictures, pricing and more information on this home.”
      2. Client texts in to receive the information.
      3. Agent is instantly notified via text and/or email about the inquiry including the phone number of the inquiry and the listing inquired about.
      4. Client gets the information back to their phone that includes a customized mobile website that has populated all of the information from MLS, the information on how to contact the agent, maps, and much more.
      5. The agent can follow up with the client easily and view reports in the Real Estate module of number of inquiries, times, and additional information.

The Real Estate Listings Module makes it easy for real estate agents to create and manage listings. Information is populated through the integration with MLS, so the agent simply needs to input the MLS number when creating a new listing and the pictures and information are populated and updated as the MLS is updated.

  • The Real Estate Mobile Website/App

    Real estate agents make a living by spreading awareness about what they do and the listings they have in an effort to make everyone that they know or have done business with in the past to have the top-of-mind awareness that if they are going to buy or sell a home that they contact them first. The Triad Rewards Real Estate Mobile Website/App module is the industry’s absolute best program and can easily be distributed and resold with great success.How does it work?

  • real estate white label shortcode program platform
    1. An agent signs up and builds their mobile site including adding all of their listings that immediately populate simply by adding the MLS number.
    2. The site is customized by adding their custom app icon, changing their color schemes to match their brand, and adding all of their relevant contact information.
    3. The mobile website and app is automatically generated and includes every listing, maps, a mortgage calculator, photos, and contact pages.
    4. A QR code for their mobile website and a keyword is created for their virtual business card.

    Now the agent goes out into the world and gets people to text in for their virtual business card. Once received, the clients or potential clients click the link embedded into the virtual business card, and are then directed right to all of the listings of that particular agent. They can even save the app right to their home screen and access it in the future, creating the absolute best top-of-mind awareness of any other real estate agent marketing program available today.

  • Automotive Dealerships

    Similar to the Real Estate Listings module, a Dealership can easily create individual keywords for every vehicle they have in their inventory so that people looking on the lot can engage with their phone to instantly see additional information about it.
    How it Works:real estate white label shortcode program platform

    1. Salesperson logs in and creates the details about the vehicle including uploading all pictures and information.
    2. The system creates a unique keyword for the vehicle to place on a sign on the window or in the traditional media about the vehicle.
    3. Potential buyers then text in to the unique keyword and are instantly delivered information right back to their phone including photos and all of the contact information for the salesperson or automotive lot.
    4. Sales person or Sales manager gets an instant notification via text and/or email about the vehicle inquired about and the mobile phone number of the potential buyer for follow up.