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SMS Marketing

SMS is a highly effective medium to reach customers when properly integrated into your already existing marketing mix. With an SMS mobile marketing program, consumers must opt-in to receive your mobile content. For those that opt-in, SMS marketing provides you a direct channel to communicate with consumers via their mobile device reaching them anytime, anyplace. With over 285 million US mobile subscribers and most owning devices that support SMS, SMS marketing offers the broadest audiences reach of any mobile channel. By using SMS marketing and a little creativity, you can encourage consumers to interact immediately with your brand by delivering relevant and engaging content that persuades them to come into your store, buy more of your products/services or visit your mobile website regularly to check for weekly or daily specials.

Our platform offers a variety of features, such as several different campaign types to engage your customers in all types of interactive programs such as; Text2Screen, Text2Win, Text2Vote, Auto Responders, Text2Donate, plus more! Our user-friendly platform also provides the ability to manage groups and scheduling functionality that helps you to deliver highly relevant and time-sensitive content to your customers allowing you to maximize your SMS marketing efforts. We also offer a website widget that you can install on your desktop home page for your customers to register or opt-in for specific mobile programs.

Our carrier-compliant campaign manager eases the complexity typically associated with delivering custom text campaigns to your audience in order to efficiently drive traffic to Mobile Web pages.

SMS Communication Services

Mobile Communication is the most common sense application businesses are starting to use today and we make it easy to get your business involved. The program is simple to understand and equates to utilizing our services to help you grow databases larger than those in your email or social media combined. We then can utilize those databases and send them text-messages to drive the behaviors your company desires ranging from;

Loyalty Marketing: Getting your current customers to spend more money, buy more frequently, refer friends, and more

Drive Social Network behavior: Trying to grow the number of “likes” in your Facebook. We can triple the numbers in a matter of a few short months

Capture email: With the immediate interaction of mobile we can capture email addresses of your current and potential customers easily

Drive New Business: By adding mobile engagements like QR codes and text-message calls to action to your current marketing efforts, we can steal business from your competition and GROW your customer base dramatically

How does it work?

Database building and deploying mobile messages to databases is made extremely easy through our web-based interface. But the real work starts with how we grow those databases in the first place, because as “permission based” marketers, we have to get the clients to let us send them messages. Call today to discuss strategies that will make this happen in Spades for your company!

The process of building a database typically comes down to three main components;


We will create a campaign to build databases of your current customers at the point of sale easily. The goal with most businesses is to grow between 10 and 15 customers per day per location.

Integration with “Traditional” Media

By combining mobile engagements to your current event marketing, sponsorships, radio, tv, print, or whatever you use to reach out to new business, we will grow a database of leads. Then by broadcasting future reminders, specials, or coupons to this lead database, we will convert them to new clients.