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With years building our web media presence with http://336events.com that started in 2006, then with the addition of our print publications in 2014, we built a unique distribution that no body else has locally in the Piedmont Triad: (print, web, email, SMS text, social media, and word of mouth for one low rate).

Market penetration:
Hotels, Luxury Apartments, Realtors, Visitors Centers, Supermarkets (Harris Teeters, Food Lions), over 600 upscale businesses in 8 Piedmont Counties from Advance to Burlington and surrounding areas.

There were 4,032,856 rooms booked in the Piedmont Triad Hotels in 2013.  An average of 268,857 rooms a month with an 1.9 people staying in each room. Meaning there is an average of 510,828 people visiting the Piedmont Triad hotels per month.  (each year these numbers have been increasing)

1.5 Billion dollars is spend by visitors each year here in the Piedmont Triad.

What does that mean to you?  Ask yourself…

How many hotels are near your business?
How much does an average customer spend?

On average, there are 3,000 – 5,000 visitors per month per hotel

Revenue per hotel
If average spending is $25 and you get just 1% of the visitors from the closest hotel…
1% of the visitors per hotel yields $750 – $1250 in monthly revenue
5 hotels near by yeilds $3,750 – $6,250 per month

Even 1/5 of 1% can more than triple your monthly investment!!!

Luxury Apartment Complexes
300 – 900 residents per luxury apartment community
Income: 40k – 75k
Age: 25 – 45

Revenue per Luxury Apartment Complex
If average spending is $25 and you get just 1% of the visitors from the closest complex…
10% of the residents yields $750 – $2250 in monthly revenue
5 complexes near by yeilds $3,750 – $11,250 per month

Local Residents
Reaching over 160,000 Triad residents
Ages: 80% plus are 30-55 years old
Income: 55% (DINKS) Dual Income households with No Kids
(average individual income: $50,000 – 75,000)
Dining: 30% of our readers eat out 15 times or more per month
Non-dining activities: 78% of our readers go out 10 times or more per month


Piedmont Local monthly and the Triad Local ­ Visitors and New Residents Guides

Please click here to see the current issue of the Triad Local & Piedmont Local

Triad Local Media Kit

Piedmont Local Media Kit

High Point Market Connections (Service Providers Guide) Media Kit

In the media you will see some of our demographic information along with additional information provided below and in the following link


We distribute our publications to the area hotels, visitors centers, attractions, new residents and more.  The information provided by NC Department of Commerce is directly related to the people picking up our publications.  We also have the Triad Local given to home buyers and professionals moving into area luxury apartment communities.

Triad Local is the perfect first touch for people new to the Piedmont Triad to learn and understand you business while explaining your brand.  One they understand your business, they will remember your brand better wen they see it in other media and on the street.

Typically the ads in the Triad Local are $350/mo for the 1/2 page and $550 /mo for the full page.  We are happy to reduce the rates in gift cards trades.  We break up the trade in smaller denominations and we give these cards to the area hotel and apartment staffs.  We like to make sure the people talking to hundreds of new residents and visitors a day are familiar with your business and the gift cards are a great way to ensure they come by and learn about your business so that they can refer more people to you.

Triad Local visitors and new residents guide is also featured here…

  • 110 area hotels targeting the approximate 500,000 monthly visitors to the Piedmont Triad hotels
  • High Point Market showroom buildings, Airport, Shuttles
  • Visitors centers include this to visitors and in their new resident packages for people new to the Triad
  • Luxury Apartment communities give the guides to their residents and potential residents
  • Realtors offices give the guides to people requesting information about the area and how are buying houses  
    • (Allen Tate Realtors, Berkshire Hathaway Realtors, Leonard Ryden and Burr Real Estate, Remax, Keller Williams, Wake Forest School of Medicine…)


Triad Local is placed in over 100 area hotels, included in new resident packages with local realtors, schools, hospitals (Baptist hospital potential doctors and residents are mailed the Triad Local), local visitors centers and realtors mail the Triad Local to potential residents as well for their corporate clients planning on moving to the Piedmont Triad. Also, placed in all High Point Market Showroom buildings, shuttles and airports by the High Point Market Authority.

We are going through ~25,000 plus magazines in a quarter and have been adding a realtor section to the publication and web site to increase the new resident presence with the visitors presence we already have.

Of the ~500,000 monthly visitors to the Piedmont Triad hotels

o   40.1% household income of over $75,000

o   Over 13% household income of over $125,000

o   The average income of an overnight visitor party in 2013 was $74,438.

Did you know that over 80% of the visitors ask the hotel desk and look at our guides for finding out where to go while they are in town? Less than 20% of the visitors use the internet for this information still. Radio, TV, web or other print publications can not help you reach the visitors like the Triad Local is able to. 

There were 4,032,856 rooms booked in the Piedmont Triad Hotels in 2013 (each years these numbers have been increasing)

That is an average of 268,857 rooms a month with an 1.9 people staying in each room.

Meaning there is an average of 510,828 people visiting the Piedmont Triad hotels per month.

Average hotel visitors per month by county

Guilford ­ 246,000 hotel visitors per month

Forsyth ­ 155,000 hotel visitors per month

Spending in millions of dollars per county by visitors.

Guilford County – Food Service/month ­ $33,085,000/mo Retail – $9,754,000/mo Entertainment/Recreation – $9,453,000/mo

Forsyth County – Food Service/month ­ $20,665,860/mo Retail – $6,093,000/mo Entertainment/Recreation – $5,905,000/mo

Percent of visitors do the following:

22% Shopping

15% Fine Dining

14% Museums / Art Galleries

11% Historic sites / Churches

5% Wine and Craft Brewery tastings / tours

Piedmont Local is in all the Harris Teeters, Food Lions and over 600 businesses in 8 Piedmont Counties from Advance to Burlington. Plus we have the online version of the monthly magazine: https://www.facebook.com/PiedmontLocal/app/123743911011091/

See our Piedmont Local Media Kit – http://www.triadrewards.com/wp-content/uploads/PIEDMONTLOCALSALES.pdf

Distribution focused on Local professionals with disposable income

Online sites are viewed by over 160,000 Triad residents

Ages: 80% plus are 30-55 years old

Income: 55% (DINKS) Dual Income households with No Kids

(average individual income: $50,000 – 75,000)

Dining: 30% of our readers eat out 15 times or more per month

Non-dining activities: 78% of our readers go out 10 times or more per month

(our readers have the disposable income to support the Arts and local Businesses and to attend local events)

We send out a semi-monthly email blast to over 29,000 subscribers (see below for last email blast)

Click here to subscribe to our email list to make sure you are receiving the email to ensure all your events are listed.


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Triad local Visitors and New Residents Guide and Piedmont Local monthly magazine.  2 Magazines for one easy rate.
Click for information sheet


Monthly Arts, Dining & Local Business Magazine: A source of entertainment and local business information meant for residents, here in the Triad, with upscale and sophisticated taste. Featured Articles: About local businesses, artists, networking, restaurants, shows & performances. Distribution: Piedmont Triad including:
Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, Kernersville, Oakridge, Clemmons, Lewisville, King, Rural Hall, Burlington, Lexington.  400 plus local businesses & upscale retail locations, spas, restaurants, offices, and business parks across the Triad
Demographics: Online sites are viewed by over 160,000 Triad residents
Ages: 80% plus are 25-55 years old
Income: 51% plus of our viewers have a total household income of $100,000 or more
www.336events.com/magazine for online version and archive issues.

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New to the Triad Article Information


Triad local Visitors and New Residents Guide is designed to fill the gap between the annual CVB’s Visitors Guides and the weeklies.  In other words, timely information with a greater shelf life and more economical ad cost.

TriadLocalCoversEach year over 1.5 Billion dollars is spent in the Piedmont Triad by visitors and more than a half billion was spent in Piedmont Triad Restaurants.
Did you get your share?

Triad Local reaches an average of 300,000 to 1/2 million visitors each month.

On average each hotel has 3000 – 6000 visitors per month.

Bonus distribution as High Point Market Visitors Guide twice per year in the Spring and Fall at the High Point Market to cover the additional 75,000 visitors that come for the High Point Market.

Plus… Local real estate agencies and upscale apartment communities use the Triad Local in their New Resident Packages.

Triad local features content focused on the main areas visitors are interested in, dining, shopping and entertainment, with a special emphasis on local and homegrown.  Most importantly it contains the most comprehensive & updated Triad restaurant guide.

NC Department of Commerce Piedmont Region Travel Summary

Reserve your space now and get your 3 month listings at these specials rates
$1650 ($550/month) for the single page / $950 ($350/month) for the 1/2 page
Click for detail and media kit

Current Triad Local Issue

Get listed in both the Triad Local and Piedmont Local for a low monthly rate
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Activities participated by overnight visitors 

Fall 2015 High Point Market Publication
Connections: Local service providers for the High Point Market


Triad Rewards and 336events.com is now publishing the semi-annual Service provider’s guides for the High Point Market Authority, which implements a collective database of local Piedmont Triad businesses into one full-color guide for High Point Market exhibitors and showrooms to use.

Distribution: 5,000 printed guides mailed to all the High Point exhibitors 1 – 2 months before each High Point Market

Connections is a publication mailed out to the out of town visitors that have showrooms and are exhibitors at the High Point Markets.  These exhibitors are using these publications to find local Piedmont Triad companies that for the services they need during the High Point Market well before they are traveling to NC.  Directory Categories include: Shopping, Dining, Catering, Hotels, Cleaners, Contractors, Rentals, Event Planners, Entertainment, Signs, Spas, and more.  We have been asked by High Point Market Authority to publish this information so they can mail this publication directly to the decision makers for each showroom / exhibitor.  The result is that all the local businesses benefit.

Please take a moment and review our online information to determine whether or not an advertising presence in the 2015 Connections for the High Point Market would be a good investment for you.

Contact 336-285-0158 or info@336events.com
(Get 10% off ads in the 336events.com monthly magazine when you place an ad in the annual guide)

Click for Connections for the High Point Market info


336events.com & 336nightlife.com

Local marketing on www.336events.com and www.336nightlife.com

  • Header Banner ads and sky scraper banner ads available – pay per click ($25 monthly minimum)
  • Dedicated email blast – $50 set up / $10 per 1000 email addresses in the area’s list (10,000 locals min)
  • Top event listing on home page – $50
  • Home page featured ad – $150 – $300
  • Listing in semi-monthly email to 30,000 Locals – $75
  • Full Service profile and upgraded calendar listings – $100/6 months
  • Facebook Sweepstake pages: $100 set-up and $35 per month for the like and reveal option. (Design extra)

– We average over 150,000 – 160,000 Triad residents to our site each week. Locals that have the disposable income to spend eating out, going to shows and local events. (28% = 25 – 35, 26% = 45 – 55 years of age). Click for Advertising Rates


(inc. promo cards, banner ads, 360 virtual tours, profile packages) CLICK HERE TO ADD YOUR BUSINESS With our Half Off Deals, we can limit the offers to any number of certificates per month that the public can purchase for each advertiser to keep the offers very limited (50% of the face value of the certificates is credited towards additional advertising on the sites). We also provide customer data and survey results to our advertisers from each person that orders a gift certificate or prints a coupon. We also use some of the gift certificate as door prizes to Business Networking events and charity events around the Piedmont. Plus you can always post events for FREE on www.336events.com and www.336nightlife.com. Click for Advertising Agreement



The kids with the local booster clubs and charities are selling the Triad Axis Card (www.triadaxis.com) for their fundraiser. Let me know if you’re interested in a FREE listing by giving card holders 10% off to support the local community. Click for Advertising Rates